NIBIQÜ: /ˈnaɪ – bɪ – kyu/ (n)

NIBIQÜ is an ultra-thin keyboard and case, designed specifically for your iPad. It is always there when you need it!

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    • 20 Neodymiun (NdFeB) magnets.
    • Inner circuits: Flex PCB printed with silver conductive lines and graphite protection.
    • Key technology: Dual curvature thermoformed membrane (patent pending).
    • Principal materials: TPU, polyurethane and aluminum.
    • Power source: None, directly from your iPad.
    • iPad 2
    • iPad (3rd generation)
    • iPad (4th generation): COMING SOON!
    • iPad mini: COMING SOON!
    • Android tablets: COMING SOON!
    • Length (folded):245 mm (9,65”)
    • Width (folded):189 mm (7,44”)
    • Length (unfolded):245 mm (9,65”)
    • Width (unfolded):390 mm (15,35”)
    • Weight: 200 g